ToolsAs you are all Aware You cannot do a good job in a timely manner if you do not have the right Tools.

Tools don’t increase your profits however they can certainly make your marketing strategy attempts much more successful and effective

The various sites and the tools that I will recommend in here are the one that I use to run this website and they’re the most effective instruments I know of, they will make it easier for you to get your make money from home Websites Up and running in no time.


I can remember when I made the decision to get into affiliate marketing. I didn’t have a clue where to begin and what direction to go, didn’t know how to decide on a domain name, I was not knowledgeable on how crucial keywords were. I keep telling myself it can’t be that difficult, with hundreds of websites showing you how you can make easy money online. Therefore I presumed affiliate marketing could well be an uncomplicated thing that I can get into. A couple of weeks after I started out it dawn on me that it’s something completely different from everything that I knew. So I had to figure out how to built a website with wordpress, each day was a new challenge some days I would have good feelings by what I was accomplishing and some days I find myself feeling so negative that I planned to give up after spending so many hours trying to have an understanding of how the process works. This thing is kicking my a.. But I’m the kind that will not throw in the towel but I needed a mentor somebody who knows exactly how and could show me the steps I must take rather than wandering in darkness inside of a maze.

I’m finding my way around now after lots of research, mistakes, money and plenty of reading it wasn’t that easy everybody’s trying to sell you a dream that themselves don’t know nothing about. You just have to bypass all those offers and stay focus, keep on learning the steps don’t give up things will start to happen it just takes time. Affiliate marketing is not that easy just keep this in mind things don’t happen overnight on the Internet no matter what people tells you. To this day I still continue to seek out more resources some of them are helpful some of them are a waste of time, however it has become a little less complicated for me since, now since I understand the steps that I have to take, therefore enable me to make fewer mistakes or spending my time reading those get rich quick schemes or buying products that I don’t need.

Knowing where I’ve been I decided to create this website for anyone who needs help finding the way, to get you on the right path I include all the current links to some essential resources that every Internet marketing experts are utilizing to enable them to developed profitable online businesses. You will find some free tools and some free services but some of them unfortunately you will have to pay for, don’t worry they’re worth it. I can tell you that I personally use each and every one of these tools and I really feel comfortable to suggest these tools and services to all of my visitors since they are the elements that are necessary for you to bring home the bacon.

Keyword Research

picture of keysSo you would like to create a website. Are you aware that one of the very most essential things you need to do, even before you obtain a domain name, once you considered a title for your site, is to look for keywords and phrases? Keywords are the words and phrases that people key in Google search to seek out what they need. So in order to market or promote a product or service it is advisable to visualize what people type on search to find what they’re looking for

Market and keyword analysis are the most crucial aspect to get right when you are considering internet marketing. Fortunately you can find lots of free information to assist you so you can determine just what exactly consumers are keying into Search engines on a monthly basis. Google totally free tools to help in making a selection on which keywords and phrases you would like to focus on

There are numerous keywords tools available on the market that you can purchase, nevertheless to generally be completely straightforward they all obtain their information from Google. The free tools from Google will allow you to locate keywords, but they don’t assist you to see how competitive they might be. For this reason I would recommend a couple of tools which will take all of the challenging work out of discovering and considering keywords and phrases. You can get these tools in my Download Page

Here are the free tools from Google to do some research

pictureThink of the product that you are trying to sell create a long list of keywords or phrases that you would type on search to look for that product yourself. Then go on Google adwords and see all the suggested keywords that others are typing you will have a basic idea on what your keyword should be.

If you look at the exact global search, the competition and the cpc you should start getting an feel for the keyword that you are looking for. Brainstorming your business’s keywords generally is an enormous headache so take your time to analyze and find the right keyword Click Here>>>


Suggest on steroids

Ubersuggest is a totally free keyword and key phrase suggestion tool. You add your desired keyword and key phrase inside the field, and making use of Google Suggest as much as 300-400 variations are spittle out.

Making use of Ubersuggest is straightforward you enter in your keyword and the variables for the search. The details consist of your language and exactly where you would like the suggestions to derive from – the web, news, shopping, recipes or video search.

Hit enter and you will have approximately 400 key phrases down the page. They will be indexed in alphabetical and numerical order, if you decide to use a a number of key phrase or variation under consideration, it will be simple to find. Click Here>>>

Buying A Domain

Okay let Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*us say that you came up with keywords and phrases therefore you selected a Domain name, now you will need to find out if it’s available. I prefer to make .com my very first priority whenever I decide on a domain name .net, .org as substitute.

There are a number of places where you could purchase your domain name you will have to make a decision on the place you get the very best value and I recommend that you get it for a minimum of 2 years.
Name Cheap is one of the best place where you could purchase your domain name. Click Here>>>


Step by step you’re just about there now you have to publish your www. Over the internet therefore you need to have what they call a website hosting service, without one you’re website will not be on the internet.

The ideal company I know of is Hostgator. They’ve got outstanding 24/7 assistance in addition to their pricing is very affordable. Once again I would suggest that you get the baby plan for 2 years or higher. Click Here>>>

Email Auto-Responder

An E-mailEmail Marketing $19/Month! autoresponder is really a requirement in the realm of online marketing. It is one of those particular instruments that you just can’t do without. So far it’s the ultimate way to developed a relationship, advertise and built a database of your members .

An auto responder is a lead capture or a subscriber capture the best way to get to people when you are conducting online marketing and it’s a time saver. Find out more about it here>>>

Paypal Or A Merchant Account

PAYPAL LOGOPayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically.

Here are some of the things you might use PayPal for:

Send or receive payments for online auctions at eBay and other Web sites

Purchase or sell goods and services

Make or receive donations

Exchange cash with someone

It’s easy and free to set up a PayPal account it is very secure to use, so I would highly recommend that you set up a PayPal account if you want to get paid. Click Here>>>

Affiliate Programs

Selling online you need a product you can create a product or you can choose to promote someone else product to sell. There’s many different ways to make money online, the one that we’re going to focus on are the virtual products and the physical products. You need to sign up with the affiliate program that advertises the product that you want to sell it’s all free. Some affiliate programs might require you to be approved first. And may you decide not to promote that product no more you just don’t.

Here’s a few of virtual and physical products affilliate programs. In my training video I will explain in more detail what each of them do.

Social Media

Prior to deciding on any social media I would suggest that you subscribe for a business account on any web 2.0 you selected to sign up for, don’t combine them with your personal account unless of course that’s what you would like. Social network like Facebook Google + and Twitter to mention a few are essential to your website success. You should have those I like click for your site as Google views them as being a very good sign when someone like or recommend your site. But most of all social networks are excellent method of obtaining targeted traffic. And this will help as more people have confidence in your website and begin to recommend it.






Please don’t mislead yourself believing internet affiliate marketing is not hard work one site alone requires lots of working hours to get it up and running. Every internet marketer has a long list of essential tasks they must accomplish to maintain their site, you’re constantly going to have to generate written content, execute search engine optimization, backlink building, web 2.0, site upkeep the list goes on and on.

As you know there’s so many hours in a day and you’re better off devoting your time and effort finding out the best way to increase revenue and working on new strategies, instead of using that time and energy to write SEO-optimized articles or blog posts or racking your brains on why the CSS on a sales page has broken.

Outsourcing techniques is to seek the services of individuals to accomplish all those challenges for you. To actually be an online success you will want to use outsourcing for the majority of time-consuming work.




Articles Submission Websites

An excellent listing for anyone who wish to embark on Google SEO yourselves. Article submission websites offer you a fantabulous system for developing your Website free top quality backlinks.

Articles you distribute to these websites must be unique, relevant to your subject, savvy and without any spelling or grammatical faults. It might be easier for you to use a qualified copy-writer to assist you with all the writing. See Outsource

Here’s a handful of Articles Submiter Websites with they’re Google PR. If you leave an articles which has a link it’s a valuable thing.

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********** PR 5

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********** PR 4

********** PR 3

********** PR 2

********** PR 2

PLR – Photos — Animated GIFS — Book Cover

Here are some sites to start with and as you grow you will find much more. When I first started I didn’t even know these sites existed. You will find more than you need in these sites to start with.

picture LOGO  




My Feeds take it one game at a time


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